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Lasco Process Systems, LLC specializes in a total system solution and not just installation services that support the Microelectronics, Industrial, Food & Beverage, and General Industries markets. Lasco Process Systems, LLC will offer a wide range of services including the installation of various types of piping systems, turnkey project coordination, value added design-build, design-assist as well as estimating, budgeting, and scheduling.

LPS designed, coordinated and installed a new chemical delivery system at the Bell Helicopter Plant 1, IWT. Installation included 14 new pumps, 8 new tanks ranging from 4,000 gallons to 92,000 gallons, along with all associated interconnecting piping for the Bulk Caustic, Bulk Sulfuric, Clarifier, Equalization, Sand Filters, Waste Caustic, and UV/Effluent systems.

Installation, fabrication, and testing of CA, CDA, CWS, CWR, GWS, GWR, NG, GN2, and GH2 systems using carbon steel, stainless steel, and pvc in sizes from 1/2" to 8" at the REC Silicon Plant 4 site.

Installation, fabrication, and testing of the plumbing and HVAC systems in the TTCC1 Data Center Expansion, which included six new CRAC units, cooling tower, chiller, pumps, and emergency generator exhaust.

Installation, fabrication, and testing of the HF WWT Expansion Project.

LPS designed and installed a CO2 injection system to stabilize the PH of the incoming water to the Dallas TX water purification plant.

LPS installed all piping associated with the installation of a new NH3 purifier at the Bryan TX Electronic Chemical Plant. LPS also conducted other piping upgrades to the existing HF process lines at the plant.

LPS replaced two existing CDA dryers in FAB 25. We prefabricated and installed new stainless steel piping and coordinated the setting of the two dryers.

Installation of copper systems from the outside condensers to the 4 new air handling units above the ceiling at the Taylor Texas Data Center.

LPS ran a new PVDF DI water loop, new stainless steel tubing for N2 and spec gas lines, and PVC drains for 4 tools at the UTSA MEMS lab.

Replaced 2 supply pumps and modified all stainless steel piping to each pump, which included a 6" hot tap on a 12" stainless steel line. Also installed a new vacuum pump skid and UV light in the central utility building and added an entire polishing loop to the existing DI water system.

LPS installed all the piping for a new chilled water system at the R&D center located in South Austin. Lines ran included city water, supply and return chilled water loops, and refrigerant lines from roof mounted condenser. LPS also installed a N2 header throughout the facility, and completed the tool hook up for Heliovolt's FASST tool.

LPS designed, coordinated, and installed a new chemical delivery system at the Bell Helicopter Plant 5, IWT. Installation included 6 new pumps and all piping for the Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, and Sodium Bisulfate Systems.

LPS coordinated and performed the cutting out of approximately 650 leaking non conforming welds at the REC Silicon Plant 3 Moses Lake, WA facility and re-welded.

LPS fabricated, installed and tested the Gaseous Hydrogen System which comprised of five - 28 Pack Stationary Hydrogen Tube Bundles, including all interconnect piping, components and supports from fabrication and installation of truck fill hose stand to existing tie in point furnished by Sandia National Laboratories.

LPS managed and oversaw the installation of new VSA equipment, and an O2 Blower Skid with associated piping. Also included in the installation were new chilled water lines from the cooling water skid to the new O2 blower.

LPS fabricated and installed piping for the waste water upgrade.

LPS fabricated, installed and tested the HVAC system upgrade along with installation of additional CDA and HCL process lines.

A turnkey project that included all structural steel supports for the piping and electrical systems along with the fabrication and installation of all interconnect pipping for the construction of a new amine treatment plant and associated compressor stations.

Fabrication and installation of a new UPS water system. Construction consisted of the reduction of contamination from dead legs, and distribution to new manufacturing equipment. New equipment includes filters, pumps, and softeners. All installation was in accordance with ASME Bioprocessing Equipment 2012, ASME-BPE2012.