At Lasco Process Systems, we understand that a safe workplace does not just happen; it is the result of rigorous planning, enforcement of policy, continuing education, and management commitment in combination with safe work behaviors exhibited by our employees.

We are committed to the highest standards of safety performance possible in ensuring that our employees are fully equipped to work safety in your facility. Safety will always be the forethought of every project we undertake, no matter the size or speed. Adherence to safety policies is a condition of employment.

Safety Program

Our Safety Program revolves around planning, communicating, observing, and looking for ways to continually improve. LPS believes all incidents and injuries are preventable, and demonstrate this belief through our daily business activities of the Company. To achieve our goal of zero accidents, this program is the foundation of safe work practices, and includes:

  • Provide safety orientations for new employees and refresher training on routine basis
  • Daily discussion of work tasks to establish safe work practices through the use of Pre-Task Plans
  • Employees that are empowered to stop work and notify a supervisor if they feel something is unsafe
  • Weekly "Toolbox Talks"
  • OSHA 10 hour safety certification for field employees
  • OSHA 30 hour safety certification for supervisory employees
  • Conduct Worksite Analysis - evaluate all project specific activities and processes for hazards
  • Conduct Hazard Prevention and Control - to eliminate and control hazards
  • Partnering with Insurance Companies and External Resources

Leadership at every level must integrate risk management principles into the planning and execution of everything we do, the success of our diverse missions and the safety of our dedicated employees depend on it.

There is an important role in this program for all of us and everyone is expected to join together to make LPS a successful, accident-free and healthy place to work.